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Read About the Steps to Convert a Garage to a JADU

  • A Junior Accessory Dwelling Unit (JADU) is a type of ADU located within an existing residential structure, like a garage.
  • Converting a garage to a JADU maximizes space, provides an additional income source, increases property value, and contributes to affordable housing.
  • The process of converting a garage to a JADU involves designing, permitting, and construction, with ADU Alliance offering comprehensive services to guide homeowners through each step.

In the real estate world, one term has been making the rounds in Orange County – JADU, or Junior Accessory Dwelling Unit. As space becomes a premium and housing needs grow, homeowners are looking for innovative ways to make the most out of their properties. One such strategy is to convert a garage to a JADU. This comprehensive guide will walk you through everything you need to know about this transformation.

Key Takeaways

  • Understanding JADUs: Junior Accessory Dwelling Units (JADUs) are small living spaces within existing residential structures, often converted from garages or bedrooms, up to 500 square feet in size.
  • Benefits of Garage to JADU Conversion: This conversion maximizes space usage, provides additional rental income, increases property value, and offers affordable housing solutions in areas like Orange County.
  • Conversion Process Overview: The process includes designing, permitting, and construction phases. ADU Alliance offers comprehensive services to assist homeowners through each step.
  • Designing a JADU: ADU Alliance helps in creating functional and aesthetically pleasing designs tailored to individual needs, budgets, and garage specifics.
  • Permitting for JADU: The service simplifies securing necessary permits, and ensuring compliance with regulations.
  • Construction of JADU: ADU Alliance handles all aspects of construction, from foundational work to finishing touches, ensuring quality and adherence to timelines.
  • Conclusion: Converting a garage to a JADU is a strategic approach to leverage unused space, offering both financial and housing benefits. ADU Alliance provides expert guidance throughout this process.
convert a garage to a jadu ca
convert a garage to a jadu

Understanding JADUs

Before we delve into the conversion process, let’s clarify what a JADU is. A Junior Accessory Dwelling Unit is a type of ADU that is located within the existing walls of a residential structure and can be up to 500 square feet. Often, this involves converting part of a house, such as a bedroom or a garage, into a separate living unit. These units typically include an efficient kitchen and may share sanitation facilities with the primary dwelling.

The Appeal of a Garage JADU Conversion

Why would a homeowner want to convert a garage to a JADU? The reasons are multifold.

Maximize Space

Additional Income

  • JADUs can be rented out, providing homeowners with a steady source of supplemental income. In an area like Orange County, where the rental market is thriving, this can be a significant financial benefit.

Increase Property Value

  • Adding a JADU to a property can increase its value, making it a wise investment for homeowners planning to sell in the future.

Affordable Housing Solution

  • JADUs provide a more affordable housing option in areas with high property costs, making them an important part of the solution to the housing crisis in Orange County.
convert a garage to a jadu california
convert a garage to a jadu

The Process to Convert a Garage to a JADU

So, how do you go about converting a garage to a JADU? The process involves a number of steps, from designing and permitting to construction. At ADU Alliance, we provide comprehensive services to help homeowners navigate each of these steps.

JADU Design

  • The first step to converting a garage to a JADU is to create a design that is both functional and appealing. At ADU Alliance, our ADU designing service helps you visualize your dream JADU. We consider the specifics of your garage, your budget, and your personal needs to create a design that maximizes space and comfort.

JADU Permitting

  • Once the design is complete, the next step is to secure the necessary permits. This can be a daunting process, but with our expert ADU permitting service, we ensure that your JADU project is compliant with all relevant regulations and requirements.

JADU Construction

  • With the design and permits in place, the actual construction begins. Whether it’s an above-garage JADU or an attached garage JADU, our ADU construction services guarantee top-quality workmanship and commitment to timelines. From the foundational work to the final finishes, we handle all aspects of the construction process to ensure your garage is transformed into a beautiful and functional JADU.
convert a garage to a jadu
convert a garage to a jadu ca


Converting a garage to a JADU is an innovative solution to maximize space, increase income, and boost property value. As the best ADU experts in Orange County, ADU Alliance is here to guide you through every step of the process. Let’s unlock the potential of your garage together.

Ready to transform your garage into a JADU? Contact us today and let’s start the conversation with our experts at ADUAlliance. Your garage is more than a storage space and if you want to convert a garage to a JADU, it’s an opportunity waiting to be realized. We are just one call away at (949)303-7676 .