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The Ultimate Guide to Building an ADU in Orange County by ADU Alliance

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Orange County ADU

Considering constructing an ADU in Orange County? We can certainly assist you if you live in Southern California. ADU Alliance is a one-stop, done-for-you service that oversees the entire process of establishing an ADU or junior ADU. We would be pleased to walk you through the process step by step, whether you want to convert a garage or create a sizable detached ADU, an attached ADU, or a two-story ADU. 

The road to building an Orange County ADU is not always straightforward due to changing legislation and the fact that ADUs are still relatively new in Orange County. We address this issue using a multidisciplinary team approach and our expertise in the area.

Key Takeaways

  • Introduces Orange County ADU and describes the comprehensive, one-stop service that ADU Alliance provides to homeowners who are interested in building Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) in Orange County.
  • Legislative Complexities: Highlights the challenges posed by evolving regulations and zoning codes for ADUs, specific to Orange County.
  • Initial Steps: Recommends starting with your city’s planning department to gather information on ADU regulations, permit costs, and property limitations.
  • Discusses various restrictions that the city might impose on things like height, size, design, and style.
  • Up-to-date Information: stresses the importance of referring to the most recent ADU building codes and guidelines.
  • Realistic Expectations: advises property owners to be aware of city-specific limitations, like sewer constraints, before proceeding with ADU plans.
  • Choosing Professionals: Discusses the need for a multidisciplinary team, including architects, structural engineers, electrical engineers, and interior designers, for a successful ADU project.
  • Permitting Procedure: Points out the necessity for proper plan authorization through the city’s permitting process.
  • One-Stop Shop with ADU Alliance: Introduces ADU Alliance’s integrated approach that combines expertise in real estate, architecture, engineering, and project management for a hassle-free ADU construction experience.
  • Contact Information: Urges readers interested in building an Orange County ADU to contact ADU Alliance at (949) 303-7676 for a free consultation.

Where to Start with Orange County ADU?

orange county adu
orange county adu

Always start with your city before looking into various ADU firms, examining floor layouts, and choosing between modular or on-site-built ADUs. The specifications for ADUs vary slightly between cities and are frequently fairly detailed. 

Your height, size, design, and style are just a few of the restrictions they’ll place on you. For instance, a modular ADU or prefab ADU won’t work unless it can be tailored to fit the city’s exact architectural standards if your local jurisdiction specifies that the ADU must match the architecture and style of the primary dwelling. 

Contact the building or planning department of your city to gain insights into the local ADU regulations. Provide them with details of the specific property and your intended plans. Request information on their full set of requirements, inquire about the costs for permits and related impact fees, and ask if they can provide written verification of the information given.

ADU standards frequently change, so it’s crucial to make sure you’re looking at the most recent codes available rather than ones from several years ago. Cities may also release their ADU building codes online.

You will be able to be more realistic about what can actually be done once you have a general understanding of what is and is not permitted. For instance, you’ll know there’s no point in continuing to pursue building an ADU if the city says your particular property has sewer limits and cannot support an ADU. 

Even though it may be discouraging, it’s crucial to be aware of this information before wasting time collecting estimates for an ADU that the city won’t even permit. Sadly, a lot of people move forward with ADU designs or sign a contract with a contractor to build an ADU just to have the city reject their application. This is not something we want to happen to you.

Who should Hire for the Orange County ADU?

The question of who to hire while constructing an ADU is not an easy one to answer. You see, you must have architectural drawings made by either an architect or a licensed draftsperson in order to lawfully construct an accessory dwelling unit.

A structural engineer and an electrical engineer will probably also be required to work on the blueprints to finish the calculations required for the structure’s stability.

Additionally, you’ll probably need an interior designer to help you choose finishing materials and make sure the ADU designs adhere to the city’s special design requirements.

The permitting procedure will then need to be managed in order to get the plans authorized. Once the plans are accepted, you’ll need a general contractor to build the ADU according to the plans and the rules of the city.

Also, it’s a good idea to have a project manager watch over the building process to make sure all the work is done right and the project goes smoothly. As you can see, making an ADU involves a lot of different people and jobs, which can be hard and take a lot of time for the homeowner to deal with.

You’ll probably need an interior designer to help you choose finishing materials.

One-Stop Shop for Orange County ADU

orange county ca adu
Orange county adu

The ADU Alliance started to make all of this easy. We have put together a team of real estate experts and brokers, architects, draftsmen, designers, engineers, contractors, and project managers and planners who all work together to make building an ADU as fast, easy, and efficient as possible.

Our team takes care of everything, from calling your city to giving you different choices based on your property and the rules of your city. You can build one of our ADU models, or you can have a custom ADU made just for you. Then, our team will take care of getting all the permits and talking with your city. Then, our qualified general contractors who have been checked out will start building your ADU while our project manager keeps an eye on everything.

If you decide to work with ADU Alliance, you’ll be able to work with a single company made up of many experienced people. Set up a free consultation about an ADU today:

Certainly! If you’re looking to elevate your property’s value in Orange County, call ADU Alliance now at (949) 303-7676! Your future in real estate awaits.